Our employees are courteous and helpful.

Our Inbound Call Center and state of the art telemarketing services are the industry standard and so much more.

12th Member stays in touch and works with you and your company offering solutions that best fit you’re business needs. Our representatives are screened for knowledgeable, work ethic and proven professionalism. Our Professionals are suited for any and all scenarios from task management, emergency assistance, and troubleshooting. You can feel comfortable that you’re brand of excellence and promise will stay intact with 12th Member.

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Building Maintenance
Customer Service
Direct Response
Disaster Response
Emergency Call Center Services
Help Desk

Help Desk
Live Chat
Loyalty Programs
Order Processing
Small Business
Virtual Receptionist

We don’t break the bank our services are cost affordable and pay for themselves. Give us a call today and lets get started.

Start the conversation right with your incoming calls. Each call that comes in is an opportunity to sell your product or services in addition too capturing information for later promotions. One opportunity lost affects the bottom line. We can help you with a proven marketing script that can seal the deal.

12th Member

12th Member can trace its roots to the late 90s when founder, Rick Garber, was instrumental in the growth of three investment firms.  During this time, the financial industry was heavily dependent on the use of telephones.


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