Automated Marketing

With the help of 12 Member Contact Center’s automated marketing solution, you can capture leads and convert them into paying customers.

All you have to do is provide us with a promotional offer or call to action as well as the promotion’s terms and conditions. With that information, we can set you up in our tool, which will send out offers to leads we capture through your other products. Leads can be pulled through your website, SEM campaign, or landing page via form submissions and phone calls.

The best part is that these leads automatically populate in the tool themselves! No action is needed on your part for that. You can even sync your email address, so any leads received through your email can be added to the database.

Types of Emails

We recommend that you choose a promotional offer for your emails for the best results. We can help you send out the following types of emails:

  • Loyalty
  • New Customer Emails
  • Get Feedback Emails
  • Review Us Emails
  • Get Referral Emails

Whether you’re looking to get new customers or feedback from past customers, we can set you up with a campaign that meets your needs. Call us today to get started.